Need Assistance with
a New Business Venture?


The Alliance Development Group is an association of entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals focused on the creation; design; implementation and management of unique business ventures.

Success of The Alliance Development Group has been based on its ability to skillfully:

  • develop niche markets;
  • leverage limited business resources;
  • form key strategic partnerships; 
  • create innovation breakthroughs in technology and business;
  • accelerate revenue and profit growth; and
  • maximize return on investment.

(Rate Accelerator)
A proprietary software technology that assists the investment community in increasing profits through the use of advanced data mining and analyses techniques; unique decision-support information systems;  and innovative simulation optimization algorithms. (In Development)
A unique alliance of 'not-for-profit' (and non-profit) organizations and local business merchants that provides organizations that perform fund-raising with 'real-value' products and services to offer to their financial supporters, as well as assist participating merchants in more optimally managing customer traffic, increasing revenues and improving business profits.

The Forum
An organization of Presidents; CEOs and business executives, that work together as a board of advisors to foster accountability and change, and the achievement of: profit/revenue enhancement; leadership excellence; and personal and business growth.